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Raf chicksands - Lived in Bedford and later Cotton End. Those who want to Have Go at it themselves main web site use Because Free is www

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Jimchappie comcast Elaine Bruck Zemanek Stationed Chicksands to ishworked the Chapel Manager there played basketball for Lady ElaineZemanek James . It s a great time to buy back those wonderful years when you had the world by tail and were certain immortal. Burkland worked in Services. E OLD AIRMENS CLUB QUANSET HUT WITH EDDIE THE BARTENDER DIRTY DUCK IN SHEFFOR HAD DART TEAM PLAYED FOOTBALL CAPT ARMSTRONG WAS ABOUT BULL AND FULLBACK RUNNING GOOD SEASON ONLY LOST GAMES . Band changes were made using PlugIn Coil Sets | RAF Chicksands - Wikipedia

As I have said before on another post here these were by far best years of my life and wish could redo them again Take care all stay safe out there. When I first posted in had some very informitive replies from incredibly nice individuals. I ve played on and off since then just recently gave it up because back problem

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Bing: raf chicksands language:enIt is lovely to see so many comments on this board. The man we are trying to trace went by name of Carlos Young would have been around years old. He reports that and other young men from his high school in Mt Pleassent PA were all stationed Chicksands during early days. rtaylor comcast Peter Nicholls Hi peterj hotmail Rich Sedlak was on the net and Bedford site saw note from Don Elix. Greg was also Charlie Flt. wcgrayson earthlink Tracie Chance m looking for my dad name Jean Charles and then think worked at golden egg restaurant Bradford that all no if it true never seen him before years

I got married at the church in Compton and had my reception Club base. Any info welcome anks. Welch Thanks so much Murphe aol Chuck Lyman I was stationed Chicksands from Charlie Flt X. It would be nice if anyone can put me in touch with who has relevant records history of employment. ger Keller where U Jim Price Bob Brents Fred Sanchez Ira Burrell God Save the Queen sparks gmail Larry Churchill Was with Comm Sq flight great memories. tinajohnson yahoo m Craig Brown was there early show with my Father Charles and family. I tremendously enjoyed my tour of duty there was last in June but course Air force no longer at base. Margaret Glaeser of Manitowoc Wisconsin mags milwpc Tom Royle Looking for those who served at Security Group twrcmr gmail Richard Talley USAFSS Scty Gp National Agency Raised family England. Your input is very important and will contribute to the success of this event. The most wonderful families you could not hope to have known. Check me out on YT at www tube user TalentkeyMedia Cheers moonpenny gmail Mal Hi All. Thanks for making this site availableso we might connect with old friends. If you knew him or have any pictures that can share by making copies please let me know. If anyone remembers and would like to get in touch please feel free do so

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We lived down by the school during second tour. My Grandmother know as Miss Jenny to chicksands residents during late early passed away last Thursday. Don t remember many names


  • It was with three twobarrels carbs. They also monitored direction of later Wotan system which only used one beam but relied time taken for radio signal travel. My new email address is questmab earthlink Terry Fescina Looking for SP types who were at the Sands between

  • Hard to believe it has been years. Many memories good and bad Left there with great experiences plus wife from Kempton. I had F Registration Morris Mini UBJF

  • Several types of espionage radios were dropped in occupied territory for use by Resistance Units and SOE personnel. TA david getherspoon m Danny Pugh From Richmond Virginia Jimsorry about email address

  • We would be pleased to hear from anyone who had unexplained experience which could attributed the paranormal. Also served there as AF Reservist from an . Looking for anyone from that AFSC others time period

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